The Joy of Learning

The Island Academy has given our daughter the joy of learning again!  The school is a community that has welcomed our teenager and made her feel valued, respected, intelligent, and most importantly, confident!: confident of who she is and empowered to take charge of her learning.  She now knows she is able to pave her path to success and she knows her school/community will be there to support her in every step she takes.

Children Supported in their Education

We are so grateful for the teachers, administrators and students that make Island Academy a place that our daughter wants to go every day.  A place where she feels she can accomplish any goal she sets with a team of mentors/teachers that support her creative as well as academic capabilities. Island Academy is exactly what every school should be - a place where students love to learn!   

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

- Elise Brady & Colin Moe