The Chinese Greatness

China is a beautiful place.

It can be very graceful and quiet. But there is always something in the silence.

Like if there’s a gust of wind, you can hear the faint windchimes, chiming away.

You may even here the delightful Guzheng (Chinese harp) in the background of its nature.

As the aromatic cherry blossom flowers fall from the trees, it’s like the softest and richest rain in Asia.

Smelling the sweetness of the flowers is like a real, fresh whiff of heaven.

The pinkness is fine, pure and very well blended.

The reflective glass lakes are so untainted.  

It looks like a silvery mirror that has just been polished. And whenever a drop of water falls in the lake, it’s mostly satisfying.

Watching the colorful sunset of orange, purple, pink, red, and gold is like looking at rainbow sinking down into the earth.

Talking to all of the genial and captivating people. Enjoying conversations about agreeable things.

Meeting all of the grateful and understanding families who live in this radiant, well-formed country.

Petting the animals are like petting a coat covered with fragrant and very pleasant fur.

All of the Asian-style houses are like dream-homes in a paradise world where everyone’s jovial.

The modern structure and the lovely masterpieces of the residence are outstandingly gorgeous in their artistic beauty.

The elegant and exquisite mountain formations that develop in China are so pleasing.

With all of the sparkly unpigmented white snow gradually melting away.

The air is appealing and delicate and smells so good and saccharine.

China is a beautiful place.

That’s why you should enjoy the Chinese greatness while you still can.  

- Michaela, age 11