The Door Next Door

Once upon a time in a normal neighborhood with normal houses, normal people, and normal doors, one house was different, 36 Mingle Lane.  No one knew why this one house was so different, it just was.  Every house had a cool sculpture next to the house but number 36 didn’t. Number 36 had 2 stories when all the other houses had one. Number 36 had a witch on the door and an abandoned pickup truck in the driveway. But the one thing that scared everyone was the door. It was old, moldy and just creepy over all.

By the way, my name is Jimmy. I live eight doors down from 36. I'm in number twenty Mingle Lane. I have four friends that live on the street, Will at 21 Mingle Lane, James at 26 Mingle Lane, Nate at 16 Mingle Lane, and Ryland at 34 Mingle Lane. I feel bad for Ryland because he lives next to 36 Mingle Lane. I have a horrible fear of spiders and number 36 is full of them so I will never be going in there. Will loves going in through the back to play darts with Ryland, but I never go in with them. The house is full of stuff including moldy food. 

My friends always want me to come in but I never do. But on Friday August 28th that all changed. It was a regular day after school and all five of us were at number 36 Mingle Lane and everyone went in and played darts in the house but me. But when I was waiting outside I noticed the abandoned truck was gone! I was very confused, but then I heard an old sounding truck rolling into the driveway, I ran into the house and told my friends. Everyone started to freak out, so we hid in the second floor bedroom closet. 

We heard the door open. Will started to panic but we told him we have to be quiet. It was quiet until a deep voice yelled “why is the back door open and why are there darts on the floor”? Everyone started to panic but we stayed quiet. All of a sudden there were footsteps coming up the stairs. My phone rang and everyone yelled shhhh!!!! “Huh?” the voice said, “come out come out wherever you are.” It sounded like an older man.

Ryland spotted a tiny attic door, so we all crawled through. It was filled with spiders but before I could scream James put his hand over my mouth. I spotted another tiny door, we climbed through and ended up outside the house. We ran to my house and caught our breath. After, that was all we talked about for weeks. But we went our separate ways like nothing ever happened.

- Jared, age 12