My Hub World

Hi there, my name is Thomas.  And I’m going to talk about the hub space in my mind.  This might be a bit difficult to explain but try your best to follow along and understand.

The Me’s:

The Hub space in my mind is an area of what I’ve thought up for a while, but the area itself was only created this year.  I mostly go there to hangout with the alternate versions of myself, of which there are many.

These alternate versions of me are created by putting myself in already made up worlds of fiction.  For example, if I was in Spongebob, I could make myself a turtle or even a squid.  And over time I could change or improve my character.  So since I know a lot of fiction worlds, you can guess that there’s a lot of me to go around.

The ones that I associate with the most are the first three I’ve ever made who are also the strongest of them all.  I’ll start with the 3rd, then the 2nd, and lastly the 1st. (I want to save the best for last.)

The third one is based off of the YouTube series “RWBY”.  I’ve given him the name, Thomas Schnee.  We will call him Schnee for now.  In the world of RWBY, there are creatures known as Grimm. Their goal in life is to kill all humans.  To combat against them, people were taught how to unlock very special abilities within them and were given the name “Hunters”.  Schnee wants to be the strongest Hunter so he can impress his dad and his eldest sister.  And with what he’s been through and what he’s achieved, he deserves that title.

The second one is based off of a very mature anime “Kill La Kill”.  This one goes by my name, Thomas, so we’ll call him Five because of his nickname, “The Five Star Student”.

The story takes place in a school named Honnoji Academy, which is where Five attends.  During his time there he receives a Goku Uniform.  These uniforms give special powers to whoever wears them.  Later that same year, a girl named Ryuko comes for the Council President, Lady Satsuki, who she accuses of killing her dad.  During that time, Five tries to help Ryuko any way he can.

The first and final one is a combination of multiple series but is mostly based off of “Steven Universe”.  For this guy, we’ll call him Turquoise, Turk for short.  Turk is the most powerful of all the three and the whole Hub alone.  He has magical alien powers that he received at the age of ten and has used them to defeat corrupted alien monsters.  Turk is also the leader of his own team, “The Crystal Gems’.

These three were the first alternate versions of myself that I’ve made and are proud of.  There are many more versions of me, but I think it’s time to talk about the Hub itself.

The Hub:

When you enter The Hub, it looks relatively like a mall with a circle in the middle.  All the walls, floors, and pillars are completely white, except for the circle in the middle with a four-angled white star over a red circle.  There are three separate floors.  The bottom/main floor is where all the food and beverages are, including all the fictional ones.  It mainly has all the food and drinks that I like.  The second floor contains areas to visit such as a theater, a zoo, a gaming lodge, a ski resort, even an island paradise/beach.  The second floor also contains galleries of different kinds of objects such as weapons, clothes, and even music.

The third floor is considered to be the grand floor because of its only room, “The Battle Room.”  In the Battle Room, different versions of me and fictional characters from other worlds fight because fighting to them is exciting and it is great entertainment to the other Thomas’s.  The arena and the other opponents are all randomized and chosen from different worlds so the fights will always be entertaining and different.  If someone were to supposedly die, they’d respawn to get another chance to win.  In fact, no one can die in The Hub at all.  The closest thing to dying is to be forgotten by their creator, me.

- Thomas, age 16